Challenges of Providing Right Taste, Texture, and Clean Label


The right texture can make all the difference in taste of soups, salad dressings, gravies, sauces, baked goods, and other items. However, what is desirable in one food item by a consumer may be repulsive for another consumer! Every hydrocolloid offers different texture and functionalities. Understanding the nuances and how they interact with a product is important for successful formulations, said the beverage technology manager of TIC Gums, Dan Grazaitis. This is why they are utilizing blends to make optimum use of each hydrocolloid.

Consumers are looking for clean label solutions. Also, the educated and more aware population base is questioning the exact purpose of each ingredient in a product. The Guar NT line allows formulators to increase the shelf life, increase the protein content and also maintain a clean label. In order to minimize grassy off notes or beany off notes in terms of odor and flavor, a Flavor Free GuarNT 5000 variation is available.

Carrageenan a product derived from seaweed, is being used for texturizing food products since long.  However, recent studies have linked it with digestive inflammation. Thus, last year, the National Organic Standards Board voted it to be removed from the list of allowable organic products. The fact that USDA still has not taken any action is a different matter.

Xanthan gum is one of the best kept secrets of restaurant chefs as they use it for making smooth ice creams and also for keeping pastry crusts crisps. Restaurant chefs also use it for keeping dressings in suspension so as to minimize the shaking and separation.

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