Renewable Energy Causes Harm to Environment too, claims New Study


Global warming has emerged as a cause that various countries have pledged to counter together, primarily reducing dependency on fossil fuel and exploring renewable energy resources. But blindly building wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric dams also have severe implications on the environment, according to a study by the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. The scientists have highlighted a few ecological dangers this wave of ecofriendly energy poses.

Dr. Luke Gibson, the Honorary Assistant Professor at the institute acknowledges the vigilance several countries have shown towards not burning fossil fuel but hydropower in particular has potential to degrade some of the most biologically rich habitats on the planet Earth. The researchers have linked hydro projects with disasters in tropical rainforests. The study insists that hydropower should not be at all called as green energy.

On the other hand, while solar panels and wind turbines also have potential to harm the environment, the scale is much lower to hydropower, which has sadly been expanded enormously by several industries in the past decade and might grow into a terrible problem.

Percentage of Hydropower Projects Must Come Down

It must be noted that overall renewable energy currently serves about a quarter of electricity energy generated across the globe. Out of this, hydropower accounts for 28 percent, solar 26 percent, and wind energy 35 percent. The researchers have insisted that future renewable energy development should look beyond hydroelectricity with immediate effect and focus on energy projects that don’t harm wildlife or other sensitive habitats.

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