Rise in Demand for D-mannose Products Due to their Ability to Prevent and Treat UTI


As world is witnessing a rise in the population that are fighting with UTI, many firms all over the world are trying to come up with d-mannose products. These products are created keeping in mind the raw material available in the region and as per the locale taste. This factor, and the growth in the awareness about the way d-mannose products prevent and treat UTI have been some of the key causes for the global market to experience an increased demand in d-mannose market over a last few years.

As stated by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global d-mannose market is anticipated to generate a revenue of US$700 mn worldwide, towards the end of 2017. It is also expecting to witness a growth at CAGR of 3.5% over 2017-2025.

What driving forces are likely to strengthen the market growth?

D-Mannose is a safe option to prevent and treat of urinary tract infect (UTI) instead of antibiotics, which come with a risk of building resistance. Besides, d-mannose does not influence glucose levels in the person’s body, making it safe for everybody, including diabetic patients for ingestion. Other than its mainstream use in the treatment of infections, for example, UTI, d-Mannose is utilized as a cheap starting material to blend d-Mannitol. In addition, d-Mannose contains fewer calories and has some excellent surface enhancing attributes. For precisely these reasons, the product is extensively used in the production of dairy items such as frozen yogurt, yogurts, and others.

What makes Asia-Pacific region to lead the geographical segment?

Based on finished product type, the market is divided into tablet, powder, and capsules. As per the research conducted, the capsule segment is estimated to surpass tablet and powder segment as consumers prefer medication via capsule over any other mode of delivery. This preference can be attributed to the comfort and better absorption properties of capsules as compared to the latter two. Even, the dietary supplement in application segment is expected to rule over the other ones due to the emerging trend of consuming non-genetically modified organism and natural products.

On the basis of region the market for d-mannose product is anticipated to grow in Europe and North America, followed by Asia-Pacific region over the predicted period. Due to significant development of the nutraceuticals and animal feed businesses in the locale, Asia-Pacific is estimated to emerge as a strong player in the global d-mannose market.

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What strategies are taken up by key players to enhance their growth in the market?

According to a news report, among several manufacturers of d-mannose products, Divine Bounty has come up with a potentially acclaimed and therapeutic d-mannose capsules. A few established organizations working in the d-mannose market, for example, E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Now Health Group Inc., Jarrow Formulas Inc., and Nutraceutical International Corp. have put their focus on extension of their manufacturing facilities, while endeavoring to attract neighborhood players in developing economies.

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