2017-2025 Kosher Salt Market Global Industry Analysis, Manufacturers: Garner Insights

A high demand of kosher salts by professional chefs to use in meat preparations around the globe is majorly driving the global kosher salt market. Kosher salts are a great choice to cook quality meat without making the preparation very salty. Many chefs prefer using kosher salts due to its rough and coarse texture. This makes it easy to judge its amount quickly by ensuring that a sufficient amount of salt is added to the preparation. The market also is being highly driven by extensive advancements occurring in the hotel and hospitality industry. As new dishes are introduced every year, the use of kosher salt has increased substantially. The global kosher salt market is expected to maintain its growth even in future.

The global kosher salt market possessed revenue worth US$832.3 mn in 2015, which is further expected to increase up to US$1517.2 mn by the end of 2024. This growth is expected to occur at a robust CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period ranging from 2016 to 2024.

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The global kosher salt market is currently being driven by the growing awareness among consumers from both developed and developing economies regarding the benefits of consuming kosher salts over processed salts. Additionally, the market also benefits from the facts that the overall requirement of kosher salt per use is more than common salt owing to its open granular structure and high surface area. Kosher salt also makes it easier for consumers to use them due to the ease with which they can be measured using hands as they are easier to pick up than the finer common salt. However, the global kosher salt market is being restricted by its negligible usage in areas where iodine deficiency is at a higher prevalence. The global kosher salt market is segmented on the basis of end users, into retail, food service, and beverage manufacturers. The common packaging materials used in the global kosher salt market include cardboard, papers, and plastics.

Shortage of Raw Materials in Some Regions Hinders Growth

However, in spite of these positive scenarios, the global kosher salt market is expected to experience few growth hindrances.

  • High costs required to set up manufacturing systems for production of kosher salts,as well carrying out as expensive research and development activities for the same, is greatly hampering the global kosher salts market.

  • Many underdeveloped and remote areas, where an abundance of kosher salt raw materialsexists,might depict a lack of trained professionals to oversee the production processes. This too is another significant factor hindering the global kosher salt market.

  • Some regions might depict a complete absence of raw materials required to produce kosher salt products, consequently posing as an obstacle for the market’s expansion.

Nevertheless, the picture is soon expected to change as numerous companies in this market are gradually introducing cost-effective products and enhancing their supplying processes. Thus, a sale of such low-cost products is consequently expected to dilute most restraints in the near future.

Regular Entry of Players to Highly Increases Competitive Spirit

The global kosher salt market mainly depicts the presence of a highly fragmented and competitive vendor landscape. This is majorly due to innumerable players operating in the market. With new players entering this sector on a regular basis, the competition is expected to increase dramatically during the upcoming future.

  • Bringing about extensive product innovations, achieving increased manufacturing capacity of salt products, and ensuring that supplies exist in the retail industry on a continuous basis are prime strategies implemented by most businesses working in the global kosher salts market.

  • Many companies are focusing on improving the quality of their kosher salt products, for which they are essentially using state-of-the-art machines and technological aid.

  • Numerous companies are adopting innovative salt production techniques to induce overall development in the global kosher salt market.

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