2017 Offshore Wind Executive Summit Explores New Design Technologies

2017 Offshore Wind Executive Summit Explores New Design Technologies

The 2017 Offshore Wind Executive Summit brought together the best engineers and industry experts for discussing oil and gas design technology meant for offshore wind platforms. With wind accounting for almost a quarter of the activities in the renewable energy sphere and going on to clock maximum growth pace among various renewables in the 35 countries that comprise the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the summit definitely held a lot of importance.

The main thrust of the Summit was on exploring new offshore wind opportunities to diversify the renewable basket. Companies were also asked to focus on garnering partners for the same.

Representatives from DONG Energy, Statoil, Avangrid/Iberdrola, and US Wind explained their companies’ decision to move into offshore wind after dealing in offshore oil and gas for so long. It was revealed that DONG has poured tens of millions of dollars in the US market but is yet to realize any revenue.

Key Takeaways from Summit

A presenter at the session, Phil Christensen who is Vice President of Analytical Modeling with Bentley offered important takeaways for engineers. First, he pointed out that China is a nation to watch out for as the energy hungry nation is heavily investing on renewables which offshore wind energy forms an important part.

Second, he stated that drones will have an important role in bringing down operations and maintenance costs. This is because drones will take a dominant role in transferring data for asset maintenance in the future, feels Christensen.

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