3D Holographic Tapes: Eco-friendly and Easy to Use Packaging Innovation to Provide Premium Finish on the End Product


Holography has advanced from security to packaging and its introduction in the packaging domain was first utilized for branding security. Nowadays, packaging industry requires safe and secure packaging of products and 3D holographic tapes meets this requirement. 3D Holographic tapes are not only used for packaging but also for sealing and decoration purpose in different commercial and industrial places. These tapes have an edge and advantages over other industrial tapes owing to its properties such as adhesiveness, environment-friendly, easy and safe to use and also provides premium finish on the end product. In the packaging industry, these types of tapes are used for sealing purposes in cartons, boxes and envelopes.

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Moreover, the demand is expected to rise owing to its tamper-evident packaging option.  3D holographic tapes provide an optimum solution for most of the end-use industries and helps brand owners to distinguish their products with a superior packaging concept that also provides a stimulating visual experience for their consumers. Moreover, the advancement of packaging technologies in 3D holographic tapes is not only aiding the manufacturers but also helping counterfeiters.

3D Holographic tapes are growing on the backdrop of impressive growth in the packaging industry. Furthermore, higher usability in the commercial and household places has collectively augmented the demand for 3D Holographic tapes worldwide. For instance, holographic packaging used in the pharmaceutical sector is gaining traction as it helps in preventing counterfeiting which is an authentication feature. The trend of adopting holographic tape as an attractive form of packaging material is expected to drive the demand for 3D holographic tapes market over the forecast period.

Nowadays, transparent 3D holographic tapes are coming up in the market in order to make the packaging appealing while driving sales and also command significant share in terms of revenue generation. The demand for 3D holographic tapes is constantly rising among the leading FMCG companies and is now practiced as one of the distinctive ways of advertising. In addition to this 3D holographic tapes also provides an eye-catching visual impact for all the products it is used for. Furthermore, packaging companies are now offering 3D holographic tapes with customization option for its customers with the logo printed on the same.

Manufacturers are instrumental in offering 3D holographic tapes that are available in various colors and designs as per the customer’s requirements and meeting the global standards. Some of the key market participants in the global 3D holographic tapes market are Aspac India, Holosecurity Technologies, CFC International, Shanghai Henglei Hologram Co., LTD, Euro Tapes Pvt Ltd, Holostik, 3D LASER HOLO ART, BiofarChemicals.

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