A New Distribution System to Lower the Cost of Electricity Transfer

Electricity Distribution System

Researchers from the University of Waterloo have designed a new distribution system that would lower electricity expenses by 5%. This design involves installation of two different electricity currents – direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) – powering industries and homes. This leads to increase services reliability as this distribution system delivers both kinds of currents. Current distribution system used globally can only deliver AC-type of the distribution systems.

This distribution system lowers the expanses of the converting one currency to other and makes easy integration of green technologies. Avoiding power conversion can create simple systems with enhanced efficiency with lowering loss of electricity. Due to the reduction in a number of converters reduces chances of interruptions and breakdowns.

Existing distribution details:

Existing distribution system designed to aim at the transfer of high voltage for longer distance. As result, the distribution systems delivered electricity from the local center to end user by carrying AC. Thus, the current electronic devices are using the AC-DC converters.

Advantages of AC distribution channel:

These AC-DC hybrid systems include the product of sophisticated computer modeling and introduction to AC-DC converters at a point in the distribution system. Replacing AC-DC distribution with AC will improve savings with 5% due to the reduction in energy loss. If the electronic device does not need any converter, it will be available in the cheaper rate with less consumption of electricity.

The AC-DC distribution systems have the potential for using in new residential and commercial areas. However, it will require changing or replacing the existing systems expanded with help of additional substations.

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