A Trail of Passwords to Multiply in Coming Years


The way technology has paved its way into our lives it became an indispensable part. Individuals are using different types of electronic devices that require passwords to keep them safe. The growing number of electronic devices and involvement with technology will force individuals to learn numerous passwords. In the coming years, the average consumer is expected to remember the double amount of passwords as compared with now. Emmanuel Schalit gave this statement. He is a chief executive of Dashlane, which is a consumer password security company.

Increasing Electronic Devices At Home Thriving the Number of Passwords 

Nowadays, the concept of smart homes has generated the need for various electronics devices at home. This has eventually led in generating numerous passwords that is the actual problem as per Schalit.  Moreover, individuals have to remember numerous passwords for sprawling number of accounts. These accounts can either to obtain public services, reach out to education websites or deal with retailers.

According to Dashlane, headquartered in New York, assessed that, currently average American has 200 accounts and the number is likely to reach 400 within the next five years. Another problem is that most of the customers use the same password over and over again. Hackers can benefit from this as they can access many accounts through a single password. But weakness the position of cybersecurity experts.

This scenario led the shift towards biometrics, where customers provide details of their fingerprints, voice and iris scans, and facial recognition. But these details aren’t secured as well. The growing number of hacks across the globe has intensified the problem of security, where records are stolen at a massive level.

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