ABB Promises Cheap, Reliable Electricity with New Microgrid Technology

ABB Promises Cheap, Reliable Electricity with New Microgrid Technology

A new integrated microgrid developed by ABB, called MGS100, promises to bring safe, affordable, and dependable electricity to large businesses as well as rural areas with remove communication. MGS100 is a combination of solar power and batter energy storage system, essentially built to function in extreme ecosystems.

MGS100 Integrates Multiple Power Sources

In order to bring reliable electrical power, MGS100 can be connected to several power sources at a time, supplying electricity to remove villages that are otherwise not yet connected to the main grid. Basically, MGS100 is a collaboration of all essential components for a sustainable microgrid. This versatile and flexible technology can also overcome potential harmful factors pertaining to biofuel or diesel generators, tapping into renewable energies such as photovoltaic (PV) batteries. While charging itself with the solar power during the day, MGS100 turns to battery mode after dark and involved only an AC generator.

MGS100 is tactically encased in a single container in order to allow easy transportation, and offers three power ratings of 20kW, 40kW, and 60kW. This new microgrid is already factory tested.

MGS100 will be available in the market before the end of the year.

ABB Inspiring Economic Growth of Remote Areas

The technology is aimed at reaching the underprivileged areas, according to Tarak Mehta, the president of electrification products at ABB. It is a plug and play system that provides access whenever required, and aspires to unlock economic growth of remote areas. ABB has noted the lack of opportunities in Villages, especially in the emerging economy such as India. With MGS100, their goal is to improve basic living standards as well as help in education and healthcare.

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