ABB’s REACT Inverter Enables Optimized Usage of Solar Power at Home

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In a significant move in renewable energy, ABB has launched the Renewable Accumulator and Conversion Technology (REACT) to fully optimize the usage of solar Power in homes. REACT features a high performance, built-in battery of 2 kWh that has the ability to store unused energy. The lithium ion battery is available as a 3.6 kWh or 4.6 kWh single phase inverter and is integrated within the product enclosure itself. This allows landlords and home owners to store the surplus energy that is produced during peak hours by the photovoltaic installations, which can then be used during higher energy demand hours. This could be toward the end of the day when the entire family is at home or during morning hours when people are getting ready for the day.

Experience and Technological Advances Helping ABB Uphold Quality Standards

Head of ABB’s solar division, Giovanni Frassineti said that the firm is constantly looking to improve and enhance the performance of their solar power products and they have done so over the years through ongoing technological advances in the business and extensive experience in the field. ABB’s quality standards have always been top notch and those within the firm are confident that their customers will be pleased with the innovation in storage of solar energy through the launch of inverters with the REACT portfolio.

REACT Optimizing Energy Usage

REACT has the ability to fully optimize the usage of solar power thanks to the dual maximum power point track circuit, the integrated load manager, and the broad range of input voltage. It also aligns the production of energy with various consumption levels at home. On the basis of available stored energy, up to four appliances can be programmed by users in the house. Some devices can also be used at the time of a black-out by including an auxiliary energy output.

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