Absorbent Pads for Packaging Market – Key Growth Boosters, Significant Trends & Opportunities


The global agriculture industry is growing at a tremendous growth which includes the increased production of fruits, meat, seafood, poultry and other products. Packaging plays a vital role in the handle, protect and deliver the product safe without degradation in the quality of the product. The packaging of the meat, seafood, and poultry is very much crucial because the chance of quality degradation is very much high. Absorbent layer pads are one of the solutions which help in maintaining the quality of the food products. Absorbent pads used to absorb fluids such as water, exudate, blood, and other aqueous based solutions, which helps in reducing the bad odors associated with these foods and bacterial activity. Rather than food packaging, absorbent pads also used in pharmaceutical industry. Absorbent pads are exceptionally suitable for large diagnostic sample and medical waste holding. Due to increasing demand from the various industry global absorbent pads for packaging market is expected to grow during the forecast period.

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One of the significant factors which contribute to the growth of the global absorbent pads for packaging market is increased demand from the wide variety of industry. The absorbent pads have various application in the different sector such as food, pharmaceutical, agriculture and transportation, etc. Absorbent pads used for the packaging of flowers, fruits, and hazardous chemicals for avoiding any spoilage during shipping due to any leakage.

Despite the impressive growth and outlook, there are some potential hindrances to the global absorbent pads for packaging market, such as, fluctuating raw material prices, and stringent government policies regarding the safety of the material used for food packaging.

North America, being a mature market lead the global absorbent pads for packaging market in terms of value and volume. The growth in regions with mature markets such as North America and European market is expected to be lower than that of APEJ, Latin America and other regions with a significant number of developing countries. The North America, European, and Japanese absorbent pads for packaging market are expected to be primarily driven by increasing demand of packaged meat, poultry and seafood products, whereas the market in regions such as APEJ, is expected to be driven by the growth of the retail sector. China is the world second and seventh largest importer of the beef and broiler meat because domestic production cannot meet growing consumption. So it directly helps in driving the demand for the global absorbent pads for packaging market because during the shipping process absorbent pads assist in maintaining the quality of packaged products.

Few of the key players identified across the globe in the absorbent pads for packaging market are Paper Pak Industries, Sealed Air Corporation, Novipax LLC, De Ridder Packaging, Gelok International, McAirlaid’s Vliesstoffe GmbH, Elliott Absorbents Ltd, Sirane Limited, Maxwell Chase Technologies LLC, Michelsen Packaging Company, Inc., Ahlstrom-Munksjo Oyj etc.

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