Acousto Optic Devices Market: Research by Key players, Type and Application, Future Growth

Optics is a particular branch of science that studies and takes into account both the behavior and properties of light. It also includes science that deals with interactions between matter and instruments that are used for detection of light. Optic involves the behavior of ultraviolet, infrared and visible lights. Acousto optics is that particular branch of science that analyzes the interactions between sound and light waves. Acousto optic waves are formed on the basis of changes in the refractive index of a particular medium because of the sound waves present in the medium. Acousto optic devices can deflect as well as modulate laser. The performance of these devices is achieved by making high-quality single crystal. The global market for acousto optic devices has been segmented on the basis of type, application, end use industry and geography.

The various types of acousto optic devices that are considered includes modulators, optical filters, mode lockers and deflectors among others. Material processing, micro processing and laser processing form the different application areas on the basis of which the global acousto optic devices market has been segmented by application. Various end use industries that are considered in the global acousto optic devices market includes aerospace and defense, medical, telecom, industrial, oil & gas and semiconductor and electronics among others.

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Global acousto optic devices market on the basis of geography has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

The rise in demand for laser applications especially to be used in the field of life science and research vertical is a major driver contributing to the growing demand for acousto optic devices globally. Moreover, the high demand for modulators is expected to help increase the demand for acousto optic devices and in turn helping the overall market to grow globally. Use of modulators across different industry verticals has enhanced because of the capability for controlling frequency, direction and power of laser beam with electric signal. Acousto optic devices are used across different industry verticals especially in semiconductors industry where it is needed in laser equipment for electronic control of laser beam.

These all factors together makes for some important drivers for the growth of global acousto optic devices market. With all these drivers that is increasing the demand for acousto optic devices, still there are certain restraints that negatively impacts the growth of this market. High cost initially associated with implementation of acousto optic devices has been a major restraint that negatively impacts the demand for acousto optic devices. Other than this, the high research and development expenses involved with usage of acousto optic devices has been another major restraint for the acousto optic devices globally. The huge growth opportunities for laser market is expected to help in the growth of this market in coming years.

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Geographically, it is Asia Pacific region that forms one of the major regions that contributes to the growth of this market with China, Japan and India being some of the major players in this market. Huge growth in semiconductor industry along with rising applications of acousto optic devices has been some of the major reasons contributing to the growth of overall market. In addition to this, it is the rapid industrialization in this region that has contributed to the growth of this market globally. After Asia Pacific it is, North America and Europe forms some other major markets for the acousto optic devices market globally. High industrial presence along with growing research and development facilities has been some major factors contributing to the growth of this market in this region.

Some of the major players operating in the acousto optic devices market include Isomet Corporation (U.S.), Harris Corporation (U.S.), Coherent, Inc. (U.S.), IntraAction Corp. (U.S.), Gooch & Housego PLC (U.K.), Brimrose Corporation of America (U.S.), AMS Technologies AG (Germany), Lightcomm Technology Co., Ltd. (China) and AA Opto Electronic (France) among others.

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