AES Corp. and Siemens Come Together to Form Fluence

AES Corp. and Siemens Come Together to Form Fluence

Energy storage leaders AES Corp. and Siemens have come together to form a new joint venture, called Fluence. The technical expertise of AES Corp coupled with the global reach and power of Siemens, is a powerful combination which is bound to be a success. Fluence is being created to offer storage solutions which will be useful for both commercial and industrial purposes.

Fluence will be available in 160 countries! Fluence will give tough competition to energy storage superstar Tesla. A decade ago, AES created the first ever grid scale battery energy storage installations and in 2017, the company built and deployed the largest lithium-ion battery storage facility with San Diego Gas & Electric. Siemens on the other hand, had formed a partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric in January this year to go big in energy storage.

Tesla will work with the French energy utility Neoen to install 129 MWh battery, which will be paired with a wind farm in South Australia and it will be the world’s largest lithium-ion battery system. The CEO of Tesla posted on twitter that this system shall be the highest power battery system in the world by a factor of 3. The deal was confirmed on July 6. Microsoft, a member of the AEE, announced the deal which has been approved by the regulators in Washington, to purchase carbon free power. This step is good not only for business but for the environment and residents as well.

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