Air Purification Systems Market: Lucrative Opportunities across Globe

Global Air Purification Systems Market – Snapshot

An air purification system is a device that removes contaminants or pollutants from the air in a room. These systems are specially devised and are beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics and are also used to reduce or eliminate dust, second hand tobacco smoke etc. The basic difference between an air purifier and an air cleaner is that air cleaners feature a fan which make a lot of noise and are expensive to purchase and maintain, whereas air purifiers are silent devices and require relatively less maintenance compared to air cleaners.

In terms of value, HEPA technology dominates the global air purification systems market, contributing more than 70% market share during the forecast period and anticipated to dominate the market, followed by activated carbon, electrostatic precipitator, and UV light air purifier. HEPA filter is capable of supplying 99.97% pollutant free air, trapping very minute pollutants up to 0.3 microns, due to which it is a highly preferred technology in air purification systems. Ionic air purifier is showing sluggish growth due to its major disadvantage of releasing Ozone as a by-product which is harmful and can cause respiratory disorders.

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Dust collectors (exhaust filtration) remove dust impurities and other allergen particles from air or gas. There is increased demand for this type of air purification system and it will continue to dominate the market due to increasing industrial and commercial activities in different regions. The major reason for the growth of this segment is the need to make indoor air dust free from impurities. Smoke collectors are expected to be the second most lucrative segment due to increasing release of smoke through vehicles and industry activities, making it necessary to remove the pollutants from air. The others segment is projected to be moderately attractive in the next few years.

Air purification systems are widely used for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes. Industrial was the leading end-use segment during 2016 and is projected to continue dominating the market during the forecast period, contributing close to 40% of the total market share. Increasing commercial activities related to healthcare, hospitality, and tourism industry is driving the air purification systems market. Air purification systems for the commercial sector are expected to expand at a CAGR of above 8% during the forecast period.

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In terms of value, Asia Pacific held the largest share of more than 30% of the global air purification systems market in 2017. The region is likely to experience the fastest growth in the next few years. Thus, it is expected to retain its dominance during the forecast period.The markets in North America and Europe are anticipated to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period with growth of around 8% and 7% respectively. Middle East & Africa is anticipated to be the other fast-growing market for air purification systems during the forecast perioddue to rapid increase in the commercial segment. This region is expected to expand at a CAGR of between 7% and 8% during the forecast period. The global air purification systems market is projected to expand significantly in developing regions during the forecast period. Increasing industrialization and commercial activities especially in Asia Pacific and the Middle East region are responsible for driving this growth.

The global air purification systems market in developing regions is primarily driven by the increasing urbanization and industrialization especially in China and India along with the degrading air quality, followed by growing concerns regarding harmful effects of air pollution on human health in these countries. Obligation to follow strict laws pertaining to toxic emission control is also a major factor contributing to the growth of air purification systems.The global air purification systems market is fragmented with the major players accounting for less than 50% market share. Key players in the air purification systems market are Daikin Industries Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Camfil Group, Philips Electronics N.V., 3M Company, Panasonic Corporation, LG Electronics Inc., Mann+Hummel, Honeywell International Inc., Clarcor Inc., Whirlpool Corporation, SPX Flow, Eureka Forbes, Electrocorp, and Fumex Inc. among others.

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