Airbus Selects Stratasys Subsidiary to Produce 3D Printed Polymer Parts

Airbus Selects Stratasys Subsidiary to Produce 3D Printed Polymer Parts

Stratasys Ltd., which owns Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, a prominent name in the services providers of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing, has been selected by Airbus for the production of 3D printed polymer parts that will be used on their upcoming A350 XWB aircraft. The two companies have been associated since 2013 and have continually advanced 3D printing in the aerospace applications.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing will print various non-structural parts for the aircraft, including brackets as well as other important parts useful for system installation. ULTEM™ 9085 material will be used for the production of the 3D printers, helping Airbus to attain enhanced flexibility in the supply chain and reduce cost to cope up with the competition, leveraging decreased material consumption and reduce waste.

The high capacity and formidable infrastructure for 3D printing of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing allows the company to cater to the substantial demand from Airbus, enabling the desired reactivity, meets tight turnaround times, and reduces inventory costs. The company is boasting its expertise in producing parts that are installation-ready, besides providing unique process controls and quality procedures.

Advent of ULTEM 9085 Material a Fruitful Result of the Collaboration

Airbus and Stratasys share a rich history of association since 2013, working together on the implementation of 3D printing FDM technology for tools and flying parts for Airbus. This collaboration has already proven its worth with the advent of ULTEM 9085 material, which is now qualified for the production of flying parts on aircrafts and Airbus has installed thousands of them on their aircrafts, since 2015.

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