Airport E-gates Market: Analysis of Prevailing Trends in the Parent Market

Airport e-gates are installed for security purpose in order to avoid congestion at immigration counters and to ensure proper movement of passengers. E-gates check the identity of passengers and enable the security personnel to evaluate the behavior, gesture, and suspicion of the passenger. An e-gate system validates the identity of the passenger by using technologies such as iris scanning, face scanning, and fingerprint scanning. These technologies are used both at the arrival and departure gates of the airports in order to ensure validation and verification of passengers at the terminals. Airports across the globe are facing security concerns owing to the increase in number of passengers travelling abroad.

E-gates reduce the processing time required per passenger and also ease the security process. Passenger processing time ranges between the check-in to the boarding of the flight. Manual passenger processing system demands the passengers to arrive at the airports much in advance to the departure of the flights. Furthermore, manual methods are prone to human error, resulting in the bypassing of a potential threat. Prolonged check-in time results in congestion, leading passengers to spend a lot of time standing in queues. E-gate systems are used in order to avoid such congestion. The necessity to move passengers smoothly through airport checkpoints and the rise in security concerns demand an opportunity for new technological solutions.

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Increased efficiency in passenger profiling is expected to be a key driving factor of the global airport e-gates market during the forecast period. Rise in terrorism threats in the aviation industry has resulted in spending a lot of time during security checking to ensure the safetyof the passenger. E-gates help in efficient profiling of the passengers in comparatively less time. They also help in enhancing the security at the border of the country. Air transport is the easiest way to cross country borders. However, this can lead to terrorist attack for cross border rivalry. Therefore, security pre-requisites at the airports are crucial. E-gate systems help in the impeccable verification of individuals, thereby eliminating the possibility of threats.

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Lack of trained professionals for managing the e-gates is a major challenge faced by the airport e-gates market. Lack of standardization of biometrics solutions is also expected to hinder the growth of the market. E-gate systems are expensive as they incorporate various technologies required for the verification of individuals. The cost of e-gates is high due to consolidation of various technologies into one device. It is difficult for developing countries to invest in e-gate systems due to lack of funds.

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