Alcon Inks Deal to Outsource Marketing of Advance Braking Solutions

Alcon Inks Deal to Outsource Marketing of Advance Braking Solutions

Alcon Components Ltd, a U.K. based prominent provider of braking solutions to the motorsport industry, in May, 2017 announced that it has inked a contract with an emerging marketing agency, Chamois Consulting Ltd., for outsourced marketing and communication service. Chamois is based in South West England and will help Alcon to strengthen its presence in the defense sector. Alcon has already established a robust foundation in the sector with its advanced aftermarket brake systems for various armored and military vehicles. The outsourced marketing service will help Alcon to enhance its profile and gain a competitive edge over other.

High Performance Brakes Boost Capability of Military Vehicles

Alcon offerings are highly sought after by several military vehicle manufacturers, with stalwarts such as BAE Systems, Supacat, and Jankel increasingly preferring specialized aftermarket offerings by Alcon. Its high performance brakes with an assortment of clutch configurations make armored vehicles highly competent for modern-day battlefield.

Jamie Clarke, Director and Founder at Chamois, is overly optimistic of the contract being a fine opportunity for the agency to work with a renowned U.K player pioneering in the automotive aftermarket industry. Speaking of the significance of the deal, he contends that with time military vehicles world over are becoming more heavily armored with numerous sub-systems, and hence, the need for constant upgrades in the automotive systems. In addition, the vehicles are becoming faster and more agile to meet the demand of modern warfare. Alcon’s offerings just do that, believes Jamie.

Outsourced Marketing Facilitates Timely Delivery of Modern Aftermarket Solution

Jonathan Edwards, the Sales Director at Alcon, is ebullient of the vast competitive benefits that the company will be able to reap with this collaboration. Witnessing Chamois’s formidable track record in marketing various high performance products and services, especially for the defense sector, Alcon opines that the contract will enhance its profile. In addition, the company can have a better visibility. Constant innovation is the key to prosper in the motorsport industry and the timely delivery of high performance offerings to the defense sector is what makes Chamois a highly coveted partner for the deal.

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