Ambiance Lighting Market- Increasing penetration of ambiance lighting in low to mid-segment vehicles

Automotive ambiance lighting primarily includes lights that are integrated into the interior of a vehicle to assist visibility during specific period and time, mostly in night travel. The automotive ambiance lighting systems lend a superior esthetical appearance to the interior of a vehicle and provides a sense of broad in-cabin feeling, in addition to the practical benefits. Ambiance lighting concerns more to the indirect inside lights than to the panel lights that offer the driver a feel of spaciousness and orientation as well as feeling of comfort and safety. Ambiance lighting delivers an aroused atmosphere and, according to manufacturers, links together interior and exterior lighting setting for the driver for reduced levels of driving fatigue. Ambiance lighting is presently included as a part of the inventive brake- and turn-lighting applications, backlight displays, possession detection, and night vision mode. Ambiance lighting creates an impact on the driving experience as well as a certain impression. Ambiance lighting systems also insure the safety of the passengers and the driver, as they assists in the efficient visibility of instruments such as the control panel for drivers during low visibility.

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The key factors driving the market growth include increasing penetration of ambiance lighting in low to mid-segment vehicles, inclination toward luxury, and increasing vehicle production. The improving economic condition of developing regions such as Asia Oceania has boosted the market for premium vehicles, which are equipped with ambiance lighting.

The global ambiance lighting market for automotive can be segmented based on application, vehicle, electric vehicle, sales channel, and region. In terms of application, the ambiance lighting market for automotive can be classified into footwell segment and other three segment. The footwell ambiance lighting segment is projected to account for a prominent share of the market during the forecast period, as it helps improve the visibility of the foot area, and is also highly common application of ambiance lighting. However, the other segments are expected to expand at a significant growth rate, owing to the increased installation of ambiance lighting and sale of premium cars.

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