Anti-fog Coatings Market Dynamics, Segments And Supply Demand 2017 – 2025

Anti-fog coatings are a type of hydrophilic coatings which contain polyvinyl alcohol in their formulation. These coatings help disperse small droplets of fog formed due to the condensation of water and are therefore also known as non-mist coatings. Anti-fog coatings are transparent, abrasion-resistant, and durable in nature; and thus do not degrade even after extensive usage. They provide high chemical & UV resistance and adhesion even in humid weather conditions. Anti-fog coatings are used in the building & construction, automotive, aviation & aerospace, electronics, military & security, and medical & safety industries. In the military & security sector, they are typically employed in military gas masks, garage forecourt gauge covers, and fireman’s visors. Anti-fog coatings are extremely safe and typically find application in protective sunglass & sports eyewear, as they are durable even after prolonged exposure to water vapor. Other applications include cameras, watches, TV monitors, medical electronic displays, traffic signal lenses, windows, side mirrors, and commercial freezers.

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Based on substrate, the global anti-fog coatings market can be segregated into the following types: acrylic, glass, PET (polyester film), polycarbonate (PC), and polyamide. Demand for anti-fog coatings particularly for acrylic, polyamide, and glass substrates is expected to rise at a significant rate over the forecast period due to the rising demand for protective eyewear, interior headlamps, and automotive gauges applications. Based on product type, the anti-fog coatings market is further segmented into the PVA, PAA, LDPE, EVA, PEG, and PVC divisions. Demand for PEG followed by PVA and PAA is anticipated to rise significantly during the forecast period. PEG-based products possess excellent anti-fog properties and are thus widely employed in various industries.

Rising growth in various end-use industries coupled with the characteristics of anti-fog coatings are some of the prime factors driving this market. Protective eyewear, automotive & aviation, sports & recreation, and optical imaging equipment are a few potential applications of anti-fog coatings. Rising demand for protective safety wear in the military and medical industries coupled with the demand for it in automotive lightning to achieve safety standards under harsh ambient atmospheres are propelling the anti-fog coatings market. These coatings have gained popularity due to their ability to reduce light scattering; however, in aggressive weather conditions, they may exhibit non-uniform properties and form frost which may hinder the market over the forecast period. Continuous R&D and focus on building blended PVA- and PAA-based coatings create various opportunities for the manufacturer to provide coatings in frost as well as fog conditions. Nano-based anti-fog coatings have also received wide attention over the past few years due to their high optical properties.

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Key players operating in the global anti-fog coatings market include Optical Coating Technologies, FSI Coating Technologies, 3M Company, Peerless Plastics & Coatings, TOCALO Co., Ltd, and Mitsui Chemicals.

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