Antistatic Films Market is Growing Due to Increasing Shipment of Electronic Devices


Antistatic films market is likely to gain traction in the upcoming years due to development in electrical and electronics industry. Antistatic films are plastic flexible films used to avoid transmission of static electricity. The global market for antistatic films is expected to grow over the forecast period due to its wide use in power transmission equipment and electrical appliances. There are various antistatic films that protect the packaging component from shock vibration and other influences. Antistatic films are used for various purposes such as transportation and lining of shipping cartons. Along with electronic equipment, antistatic films market is also growing in food sector. Antistatic films can prevent the static discharge that can be built-up and attract the dust particles onto a food package.

Antistatic packaging is used for the transportation of products which are likely to get damaged caused by electrostatic discharge. Antistatic films are single layer of non-amide polyethylene. Antistatic films are non-corrosive films which are used to protect electronic goods and many other static sensitive components. Antistatic films protect the packaged content from the internal static electricity generation. Antistatic films market is growing due to increasing shipment of electronic devices across the world.

Antistatic films has great mechanical properties and it reduces the static charge generated in electronic equipment and sensitive electronic devices. The conductivity of antistatic films does not depend on humidity. Antistatic films are non-shedding, and does not contaminate the packaged material. Antistatic films market is growing due to increasing shipment of electronic devices across the world. The increase in consumption of electronic devices in all sectors including medical and household propel the growth of antistatic films market.

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Antistatic films are highly preferred in the market for the packaging of explosive powders and other dangerous applications. Antistatic films have low electrical resistance that let the electrons to flow easily. Antistatic films can be used for metal parts and components, protective devices, paints and chemicals, and various other applications. Antistatic films provide excellent moisture and dust barrier, along with electrostatic discharge protection in electronic goods and great stretch ability. Antistatic films manufacturers continue to provide a wide range of innovative solutions to deliver excellent transparency and gloss.

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