Apple Goes Green, Thanks to their Fulfilment of 100% Clean Energy

Clean Energy

The California-based tech giant, Apple recently declared that they have achieved their goal of 100% clean energy for each of its facilities across the globe. Their offices, retail stores, co-located facilities, and data centers that are in 43 countries are operating efficiently with renewable or non-polluting energy. In addition, nine more manufacturing associates have made deals to power each and every Apple production unit with clean energy.

Chief Executive of Apple, Tim Cook said that they are making efforts to fulfil their commitment to leaving the world a better place. And they are proud to they have reached their milestone. Furthermore, the executives of Apple are planning to use materials for their products that can be recycled. This step taken by Apple is anticipated to act as a blessing for the humankind.

In addition to this, the company is planning to push their boundaries a bit further to make use of renewable energy, including wind and solar power. Moreover, they are planning to build renewable energy projects across the globe. According to the statement given by Tim Cook, the company has 25 operational renewable energy projects across the globe. These projected are totaling is 626 megawatts of the generation capacity.

This decision has been taken in accordance with the growing concerns of pollution and problems pertaining to it across the globe. It is believed that having a tech-giant such as Apple work towards this goal would prove to be an encouragement for other companies around the world to opt for eco-friendly technological usage.

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