Army Researchers Make Efforts to Create Versatile Robots for Combat Zones


Researchers working for armed forces are making efforts to understand the concept of molecular living functionality of muscle and its related mechanism. This is to reproduce it artificially to obtain the abilities of proteins that cause muscle contraction. Therefore, such efforts on part of the army researchers are to create robots. These robots can become versatile and efficient teammates for soldiers in the front.

Hence, like myosins, Bionanomotors cause most of the types of motion in all forms of life. As such, production of various artificial nanomotors could emerge as a game changer in the robotics research field

Brownian Motion to Help Developing New Applications of Robots in the Battlefield

Additionally, a team of scientists from Army Research Laboratory, the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command are exploring options for artificial nanometer. Additionally, the design options of artificial nanomotor are to leverage the benefits of Brownian motion. Nonetheless, the Brownian motion refers to characteristic of agitated movement of particles due to warmth.

The researchers are of opinion that development and understanding of these rudimentary mechanics are an essential step toward taking well-informed decisions on the feasibility of new applications of robots. New uses could involve a mix of dynamics and controls engineering, robotics, and synthetic biology.

Dean Culver is a researcher in the Vehicle Technology Directorate of Army Research Laboratory, the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command. According to Culver, Brownian motion could render a nanometer more efficient by regulating the geometrical aspects of a plain lever-arm design.

In addition, he further stated that it is not known yet as to what is the scope of application of actuators that are encouraged by biomolecular machines of animal muscles. Therefore, many already prevailing application spaces come with army applications like energy harvesting, nanomachines, and bio-inspired robotics. He calls exploratory and fundamental research in this field a worthy investment to develop warfighter capabilities of the future.

 The research published on The Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.

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