Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Shaping Future of Travel

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Shaping Future of Travel

Technology is expected to bring about a revolution in the travel landscape in the years ahead. A report by Sabre Labs reckons some of the crucial tech trends that are anticipated to impact the travel industry. The trends that have become reality in this sector are artificial intelligence, autonomous delivery, neural interfaces, space tourism, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, quantum computing, and trusted presence.

Autonomous delivery is set to be the next step for delivery of goods by land, sea, and air in a demanding economy. Blockchain is the buzzword in the travel industry and is regarded as the new ‘Internet of Trust’ in recent years. It is set to transform governments, industries, culture, and commerce having opened doors and investor wallets and creating headlines.

Inroads of Technology up the Ante for Travel to Rare Destinations

Neural interfaces help to address challenges of merging mind and machine in the travel sector. This involves challenges of extracting available information and transferring new information in. Space tourism, another key trend becoming reality in the travel sector is making waves among savvy travelers. Not only local and overseas destinations, with technology making inroads competition to fly to the stars is upping the ante for rare destinations such as Mars.

Virtual reality, a key technological trend is becoming a reality to incorporate tech travel environments, and to facilitate travel in the real world.

As stated by an executive at Sabre Corporation, technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and neural interfaces each of them have the potential to bring about a dramatic change as that of the growth of the Internet. The implementation of technologies such as blockchain, trusted presence, and augmented reality can help shape up travel to offer customer-centric solutions.

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