Astronauts Can Make Use of Cloud Computing Thanks to a Supercomputer

Astronauts Can Make Use of Cloud Computing Thanks to a Supercomputer

Cloud computing is soon expected to make it presence felt at the International Space Station, and help astronauts by enhancing their ability to run data analysis faster in orbit.

More Insights about the Super Computer Delivered to the ISS

A SpaceX capsule had delivered the Spaceborne Supercomputer to the International Space Station last year in August 2017. As per Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the computer will certainly help improve the various processes undertaken by the astronauts on a daily basis on the station, especially in terms of analysis of data generated. After more than a year of tests, HPE who helped create the computer has said that their one year agreement is now over, according to the company’s technology officer, Mark Fernandez.

The supercomputer delivered to International Space Station mainly consists of 32 cores and similar to the regularly ones used until now. The computer is about 30 to 100 times faster than an iPhone or tablet, according to the same technology officer. The requirement projected by NASA involved resistance to harsh environment, maintenance of working efficiency in micro-gravity, resistance against radiation, and ability to function amidst power outages. And, all these requirements have been fulfilled by supercomputer sent last year in every test carried out.

A major goal of all the astronauts living in the ISS involves running scientific analysis through the use of fastest computing ability available. In this way, they do not have to wait for the data sent to earth and get the results after a lot of time has passed by. As of current times, the connection between Earth and the Space Station is quite slow and unreliable. In case connection is lost, there might be a gap in communication for more than several minutes or more. After testing it for a few more months, the Spaceborne computer will be sent back to Earth in February or March for further analysis.

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