Audi to Present Buyers with High-end Solar Car Body

Audi to Present Buyers with High-end Solar Car Body

Alta Devices which is a subsidiary of solar-cell expert, Hanergy Thin film Power and Audi are planning to venture in together for integrating solar cells into the panoramic glass roofs of models of Audi. With this agreement, the potential partners are aiming to produce solar energy for increasing the range of the Audi electric cars. The first prototype is likely to be manufactured by the end of this year. As the initial step, Audi and Alta Devices will incorporate solar cells into an all-encompassing glass rooftop.

Later on, in light of the fact that Alta’s innovation is interestingly adaptable, thin, and effective, nearly the whole rooftop surface is to be secured with solar cells. The power produced from the cells will stream into the auto’s electric framework and can supply, for instance, the aerating and cooling framework and seat warmers – a pickup in proficiency that has an immediate positive effect on the scope of an Audi electric vehicle.

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Dr. Berna Martens, an Audi Board of Management Member for Procurement said that the scope of electric autos assumes a conclusive part for their clients. Together with Hanergy and Alta Devices, they intend to introduce inventive solar innovation in their electric autos that will expand their range and will likewise be supportable. He further added that at a later stage, the derived solar energy would be able to charge the battery of the Audi vehicles directly. It is likely to be proven as a milestone along the way of attaining emission-free and sustainable mobility.

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