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Don’t you just hate all the plastic lying around in the ocean? Here is some good news! According to a recent study, the plastic promises to degrade a lot quicker than previously thought. Earlier, researchers believed that it would take thousands of years for it to degrade. However, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutions have showed that these can degrade within decades. The study published in the Environmental Science


A study by researchers at the University of Oregon states that an atomic microscope with an electrode at its tip can provide a qualitative answer on how nanoscale catalysts collect the charge. This study can help researchers to develop better semiconductors to improve the performance of solar devices. With the help of this research, scientists unveil that the catalytic particle shrinks to the size below 100 nanometers. This, as a


NUS chemical scientists have been successful in developing a carbon-conjugated covalent organic framework. This framework will allow the production of hydrogen gas from water. Visible light drives the catalytic process. Hydrogen gas is increasingly becoming a key storage medium for the applications of sustainable energy. Scientists are now showing great interest in the process of producing hydrogen gas from decomposed water using sunlight. However, this conversion of hydrogen gas from


Robots and AI is the new buzzword globally. Researchers have taken another leap in bringing the robotic future a step closer to us. In a new research, robots learned the ability to recognize human emotions. This new research relied on a major observation or hypothesis of human behavior. According to the observation, human being are capable of recognizing emotions like sadness, excitement, and aggression based on movements. This is a

Heart Failure

Currently, there is no drug available for treating heart attacks or preventing heart failure. However, that may change with the latest discovery by the researchers at the University of Guelph. The pioneering research led by Prof. Tami Martino claim that they have found a potential drug to prevent heart failure. Prof. Martino, who works at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Guelph, believes that this new drug