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Medical Stickers

Surgeries relating to the heart require grave attention, and recovering after a major surgery remains a matter of apprehension for the patients. A research conducted at Purdue University has found that a simple medical stickers could solve a lot of problems of patients who undergo heart surgeries. The findings of the research conducted by a team of researchers and experts at the University were published in ACS Advanced Materials and


Researchers at US San Franscisco partnered with Brazilian Biobank for Aging Studies which is based at the University of Sao Paulo to find out what causes brain degeneration resulting from Alzheimer’s. And they found out that neuropsychiatric symptoms namely anxiety, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances play a role in it. They explained their findings in details in an online publication in the month of September. In it they said that


The properties of ethanol have been studied for a long time now, and the primary reason behind such exhaustive studies is to excavate the potential held by ethanol for climate protection. An advanced diesel engine developed at TU Wien can run on 70% bioethanol, a commendable value for the energy sector. The engine developed by TU Wien simultaneously deploys two fuels viz. diesel and bioethanol, the former being used for

Ion Gels

The electronics industry is witnessing new developments each day which has upped the game of commercialisation within the industry. In a similar feat, a team of scientists and researchers at Japan’s Yokohama National University, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, have developed an ion gel that exhibits self-healing properties in extreme environments and temperatures. This property of ion gels is expected to come in handy during the manufacture of


Small satellites, commonly referred to as nano-satellites, have become a matter of immense discussion, analysis, and research in the technological circles. The rising levels of standardisation for these satellites coupled with reduced costs have been a key reason behind the growing popularity of such satellites. From 1990 to 2012, the total number of satellites launched every year averaged to 10 satellites, and this number is believed to touch 3000 in