Embedded Memory

A US-based scientific team successfully devised a chemical-triggered electrical protein switch which can be used to control the flow of electrons within cells. The ground-breaking invention could be the next step towards developing next-generation bioelectronics. The technology can further aid in the creation of smart pills which can be used to release medication on demand. The switches were tested using E Coli bacteria as a platform. A chemical is introduced


The warm messy circle of humanity is soon to introduce artificial intelligence in the form of robots. Artificial Intelligence implanted into robots is considered as one of the greatest gifts of science to mankind. A recent development by the team of researchers at Yale University states that robotics have now been updated to a new level. This level enables robot to understand the ways and norms of the user and

Online Sales

Festival and shopping have always been synonyms of each other. Nowadays, only their means have changed.  Earlier people usually shopped through retail stores until e-commerce came into existence.  Nowadays, online sales is more convenient and it is not related to festivals only. As per the recent report, in this holiday season, people have shopped for about US$110.6 billion. People have spent 18% more than what they have spent last year.


German chemical giants BASF are ready to invest billions of dollars in multiple projects in China. BASF has announced that it will be investing $10 billion in Zhanjiang situated in the Guangdong province of China. Also, BASF announced it would be doubling the size of a giant plant in Nanjing which it operates in collaboration with Sinopec, a state-owned Chinese firm. The move comes after the Chinese government is warmly

Anti-Dumping Duty

The Centre has forced anti-dumping duty of USD163.90-207.72 per ton on Chinese chemical used to make detergents for the next five years to protect the growth of domestic players from getting hindered from cheap imports from China. India has taken the move following the complaint filed by Gujarat Credo Mineral Industries and Chemicals India to Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) regarding how the import of the inexpensive chemical is