Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Market – The Use of And Demand For Electronic and Telecom Equipment

Transparency Market Research, in its latest market report, predicts that the automated test equipment (ATE) market will grow at a moderate CAGR of about 2.88% from 2012 through 2018. With this, the global automated test equipment (ATE) market, which stood at US$3.54 billion as of 2011, is expected to surpass US$4.36 billion by 2018. According to the report, the Asia Pacific ATE market will be the most important one from the market share perspective. In 2011, the APAC ATE market held a 75% stake globally, and will continue to remain in a strong position through the forecast period of this research report.The report is titled “Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2012 – 2018”.

Over the last decade, the use of and demand for electronic and telecom equipment has soared, causing a parallel growth in the telecom and electronics manufacturing industry. These modern manufacturing industries are also stirring up exciting changes in the overall automated test equipment (ATE) market. Integrated circuits that are embedded on a wafer need to be comprehensively tested to a myriad of parameters before they the die can be prepared. This highlights the importance of automated test equipment in the chip and wafer manufacturing industry.

The role of automated test equipment (ATE) also comes into play after ICs have been packaged. They need to be tested again according to a number of test patterns. Automated test equipment is preferred because it is exceedingly accurate, fast and produces quantifiable results that help manufacturers meet stringent regulatory norms. These products are widely used in products such as televisions, smartphones, music players, digital cameras and computers. As each of these industries is undergoing a massive change currently, the automated test equipment (ATE) market needs to keep pace.

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The TMR report also discusses factors that are driving the growth of the automated test equipment (ATE) market. The foremost among these is the upswing in semiconductor manufacturing activities throughout the world. This industry is getting more and more complex with every passing day, even as the size of wafers is becoming increasingly compact. Concepts such as the Internet of Things are an emerging trend that will also influence the electronics industry, which will in turn have a ripple effect on the automated test equipment (ATE) market as well.

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