Automotive Garage Equipment Market – Technological advancements and improvements in road infrastructure are key drivers

Automotive Garage Equipment Market

Automotive garage equipment refers to technical tools used to repair vehicles. Vehicle maintenance includes repairing small scratches, removing dents, re-painting, as well as overhauling heavily damaged vehicles caused by major accidents. Developing economies dominated by local garage shops are now witnessing the emergence of high-tech specialty and mobile van garages. The Automotive Garage Equipment Market is continuously evolving. Its expansion is directly proportional to that of the automotive market. Garage equipment includes wielding tools, vehicle lifters, alignment machines, air pump full kits, and tire changers.

Technological advancements and improvements in road infrastructure are key drivers of the market. Developments in the automation industry (driven by increasing population and therefore disposable income as well as high standards of living) also motivate the automotive garage equipment market. Rising concerns about post-purchasing maintenance of vehicles also count as an important propellant.

The market can segmented on the basis of types of garage into the independent, dealership, specialty, mobile service concept van, and other varieties. In terms of types of vehicles, the market can be divided into the following categories: two wheelers, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles. Types of equipment include vehicle lifters, MOT & ATL, roller brake testers, wheel balancers, wheel alignment, exhaust emission analyzers, dispensers & drainers, battery changers, automotive jacks, cord reels, and others.

Vehicle lifters are mechanical instruments used to lift vehicles while roller brake testers detect the brake performance of trucks and trailers without calculating the stopping distance of vehicles. Wheel aligners adjust the angles of the wheels in a manner so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Wheel balancers spin the wheels without causing them to vibrate. Exhaust emission analyzers perform the function of detecting diesel, gasoline, and natural gas leaks from vehicles. Automotive jacks, such as hydraulic jacks, are employed to create pressure to lift heavy vehicles off the ground, enabling easy repairing. Mechanical jacks are available in the form of screw jacks. Cord reels play the role of license plate holders.

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Based on garage type, independent garages are low-cost local automobile repair shops which offer a range of personalized services, dealership garages sign contracts with automobile showrooms and offer routine check-ups, while mobile mini vans are portable garages mainly found in developed nations of North America and Europe.

By geography, the market can be distributed over North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. North America is leading the market for automotive garage equipment owing to its well-grown, technologically developed manufacturing sector and automotive industry. Its population is also considered to possess high purchasing power. Europe acquired the second leading market share due to Germany being a globally dominant producer of high-end automotive vehicles and equipment.

The market performance of Asia Pacific is also commendable and likely to improve further in the near future. Japan and China are technologically well-established with healthy manufacturing sectors. Recent trends have displayed India to be emerging, with its adoption of macro-economic changes, improvements in GDP, and rise in the disposable income of its population. Furthermore, globalization has led to the importing of new technologies which has resulted in the advent of more-high end garages providing solutions for high-end cars.

Leading companies operating in this market include Delphi in the U.S., Auto Serv in the U.K., SKF Lubrication Systems GmbH and Geneart AG in Germany, and Manatec, ATS ELGI, and Jetage in India.

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