Autonomous Drones that Inspect and Aid in Repairing Wind Turbines


In the last few years, researchers have developed drones to inspect offshore sites. However, most of these products do not function on their own, failing to eliminate human intervention. Now, researchers from the United Kingdom have developed a drone that autonomously insects offshore sites.

According to the researchers, the product can help cut down cost and time spent for repair and inspection.

Human Intervention Only for Serious Repair

Most offshore sites that have deployed drones for inspection have men controlling them on the site. Further, if a trouble is detected, then personnel carry out further inspection and repair. On most occasions, these are done at higher altitudes or high rise areas. Also, it involves high cost in carrying out these inspections and repairs.

To solve this problem, researchers from Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets developed a drone. This vehicle not only detects damage or threats but also assesses them. Further, it places itself on the area of repair and using sensors detects the scale of damage. Besides, it also places repair materials on the site of repair. For instance, these drones are highly useful for abseiling the wind turbines. As a result, this will help cut down the number of ships that travel to the offshore site for inspection.

Autonomous drones are gaining popularity in several industry sectors, And, energy is one of them. On the other hand, there are some products that find application in the field of medicine.

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