Baby Bath Products Market: Overview of key Market Forces Propelling and Restraining Market Growth

Skin cleaning is essential for good health especially for a baby as they need special care since birth. The function of the skin remains the same at all phases of life and maintaining the health of the skin is important. Establishing a good practice of taking care of the skin after birth is considered to be the foundation for a healthy skin. Skin absorbs sixty percent of what is applied to it. Traditional personal care products were made up of numerous chemicals thus resulting in cumulative effects upon the skin of the babies. Rising consciousness among parents regarding proper care of their babies is triggering the growth rate of the global baby bath products market. Infants, when they are born, face several problems in their skins such as rashes, acrocyanosis, mottling, cradle cap, milia, and stork bite marks. The tender skin of the infants reacts when it comes in touch with the new environment.

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Infants are born with developing the epidermal barrier that is considered to be more permeable and is reactive with the environment in the first two years of life. Consumers are inclined towards products which are gentle, non-irritating, soothing and moisturizing. Water alone is not considered to be sufficient for the baby’s skin from the buildup of the dirt and bacteria. Skin of the babies requires proper cleansing everyday especially in the skin folds and nappy areas making it more prone towards problems such as nappy rashes. The rise in demands for baby bath products has prompted the manufacturers to engage in continuous research and development in order to have a continuous up gradation of the products. Such innovation include Hipp Baby which is based in Austria offers different shaped products such as the form of a duck or a toy which are more appealing for the babies.

The global baby bath products market is mainly driven by the rise in demand for organic baby bath soaps and shampoos coupled with the initiatives taken by the government to increase awareness among the parents regarding skin hygiene of the babies. However, risks of exposure to harmful chemicals present in the baby bath soaps and shampoos are restraining the global baby bath products market.

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The global baby bath products market is segmented on the basis of different product types and distribution channel. By different product types, the market has been segmented into shampoos, soaps, conditioners and bath accessories. Soaps and shampoos are anticipated to capture a significant market share due to rise in consciousness towards basic cleanliness and hygiene. The market has been further segmented on the basis of the distribution channel namely online distribution channel and offline distribution channel. Offline distribution channel has been further segmented into supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and departmental stores. The online distribution channel is anticipated to capture a significant growth rate due to the presence of different brands and the wide range of discounts.

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