Bag Forklift Systems Market 2018 Key Manufacturers, Revenue, Gross Margin with Its Important Types and Application

Bag forklift systems are equipment used to eliminate the need for manual lifting of OOG (Out of Gauge) baggage. This creates a safe work environment for operators and reduces the risk of damage to OOG baggage. In many cases, certain baggage exceeds the size and weight of standard shipments, and therefore has to be manually transferred between the container and the departure/arrival station. Bag forklifts are highly efficient loading and unloading systems, typically used in places such as airports.

Other industries served by bag forklift systems include, the chemical and fertilizers industry, food & beverage industry, and other manufacturing industries. One of the key factors driving the growth of the global bag forklift systems market is that it drastically reduces human labour. Bag forklift systems can be efficiently operated by one operator. Therefore, due to convenience in operation, supported by safe working environment are some of the key factors, which are expected to ensure a rather positive outlook for the growth of the global bag forklift systems market during the forecast period.

The global bag forklift systems market is expected to grow on the backdrop of the growth in air cargo, globally, which is currently registering a meteoric growth. Growing penetration of automated loading and unloading systems across the globe has significantly reduced man labour. Therefore, it is anticipated that bag forklift systems will be one of the most sought after automated machinery in the coming years. The growth in air cargo has been known to be consistent with improvement in trade volume.

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Therefore, increasing penetration of modern trade is also expected to be one of the key drivers for the growth of the global bag forklift systems market. Various manufacturers of bag forklift systems also emphasizes on incorporation of multiple concepts in the design of a bag forklift system. For instance, the Ventomatic Flying Forklift system is a merger of two technologies – the palletiser, and the push-pull stack loader. Therefore, the palletiser feed the bag forklift system, which then loads stacks of bags directly on to the truck.

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