Bamboo Fiber Towel Market: Clear Understanding of the Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments

Bamboo fiber towels are made from bamboo trees and are exceptionally soft in texture. Bamboo fiber towels are either made from a combination of cotton and bamboo yarn or purely from bamboo yarn. They are eco-friendly, soft, and better absorbents compared to cotton towels and towels made from other materials.

Furthermore, these towels are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. This helps in keeping the towels free from germs and bad odor even when kept in damp environment for days. Bamboo fiber towels are also hypoallergenic. This prevents the skin from getting irritated and itchy. They protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and also provide better breathability apart from being thermos regulating. Bamboo fiber towels are usually handmade in countries in Asia Pacific. Bamboo is a versatile natural resource and has been used extensively in Asia Pacific since many years. Bamboo is eco-friendly and provides a wide range of benefits to users such as, the towels made from bamboo fibers are extremely soft with anti-bacterial properties and others.

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High cost of bamboo fiber towels is one of the factors estimated to restrain the global bamboo fiber towel market in the next few years. Extensive use and cultivation of bamboo plants has resulted in the depletion of the number of bamboo plants found with each passing year.

Bamboos are associated with various benefits. Thus, it is suitable for usage in manufacture of clothes and towels. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and can grow with little water. It does not require any chemicals. Bamboo plants are known to affect the environment positively, as they release plenty of oxygen. Bamboo plants also purify the air, since they absorb more carbon-dioxide compared to cotton and timber plants.

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Furthermore, farming of cotton and timber requires high volume of water, while bamboo plants require less amount of water. When used in clothing, bamboo fabric offers an extremely soft and luxurious clothing material. Bamboo fiber towels are more absorbent than cotton towels. Thus, they are the preferred choice of use as towels. Bamboo fiber towels are resilient to shrinking and pilling. Thus, they are highly durable. These benefits are expected to boost the usage of bamboo fibers in the manufacture of towels vis-à-vis cotton fibers. This is anticipated to drive the bamboo fiber towel market in the near future.

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