BASF to Collaborate with HP Indigo for New Water-based Adhesive Solution

BASF to Collaborate with HP Indigo for New Water-based Adhesive Solution

BASF, the global chemical giant, is known to have entered into a strategic partnership with HP Indigo, a game changer in digital package printing, to work on a new development. It centers on the formulation of a new waterborne adhesive for packaging that is flexible. It would be designed to cater mainly to the unique needs of the HP Indigo “Electroink” printing process, an exceptionally flexible and speedy digital printing method.

The collaboration, as per Nurit Raccah, Labels and Packaging Media and Materials Business Manager, Indigo division, will help HP achieve quicker turnaround time to enhance the value of the digital printing applications. He added that it would put his company in a better position to provide its customers with complete end-to-end solutions having extended performance.

Why the deal is a win-win?

BASF’s waterborne adhesive systems enjoy a good reputation already on account of being eco-efficient and cost effective. The two unique perceived benefits serve to help it steal a march over conventional technologies used in the lamination of flexible packaging for food.

The “Epotal” lamination system, for instance, is superior in many ways over solvent-less and solvent adhesives. Apart from reduced carbon emission, these systems also help achieve a higher degree of flexibility and speedy processes because of their novel polymer design.

To foray into mainstream flexible packaging, HP Indigo digital printing needed a validation of performances of different adhesive with the HP Indigo ElectroInk. Hence, BASF successfully pulled off numerous laminations for digital printing that include adhesives for dry lamination in food packaging.

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