Better Turbines to Produce Electricity from Hurricanes

Better Turbines to Produce Electricity from Hurricanes

Can you imagine a world where half of the required electricity is generated from the offshore wind farms? Now imagine a farm in a coastal area facing a powerful hurricane and its probable effects on farms?

It requires planning to combat these situations. Thus, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at UMass Amherst, Sanjay R. Arwade, is developing a guard for these situations.

The occurrence of this offshore wind is frequent mainly in the U.S. Hence, it can be a huge opportunity mainly in the coastal areas of the U.S. Due to growing incidence of offshore wind or hurricanes; it is opening doors for opportunities. Additionally, it is gaining recognition and high investment for research in the U.S.

For this advanced model, Arwade’s team collaborated with other universities and concluded the hurricane’s features. With the help of these features, they designed improved offshore wind turbines.

Further Exploration to Benefit Electricity Production from Renewable Sources

UMass Amherst has required tools and experts for further exploration on offshore wind. The campus of the university is becoming home for the Wind Energy Center (WEC). Through their extensive study, the UMass researchers recently published offshore wind assessment and recommendation report. The researchers at the Massachusetts Research partnered in this exploration of energy based on offshore wind.

Consumption of electricity as a fuel is likely to rise from 18% to 40% by the end of 2050, the report predicts. Among these, more than 86% of the electricity produced from renewable sources. The predicted number is impressive. Thus, the work that Arwade’s team is doing is important for the future.

For achieving the predicted number, the extensive research is required, as we can’t afford unexpected failures, Arwade claimed.

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