BlackBerry Offering Improved Cyber Security to U.S. & Canada Government

BlackBerry Offering Improved Cyber Security to U.S. & Canada Government

In a recent announcement by BlackBerry Ltd., the company will be enhancing its cyber security services to the public as well as governments in the U.S. and Canada, via its new SecuSUITE®, a multi-platform solution that includes end-to-end encryption for text messages and voice calls. SecuSUITE® will be a part of BlackBerry Secure, and aspires to serve as the most robust and comprehensive platform that connects people, processes, devices, and systems.

One of its kind that offers government cyber security and is certified by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) voice solution, it will be support both Android and iOS platforms apart from BlackBerry 10 smartphones and tablets. This development markets BlackBerry’s maiden secure mobile voice product that will be listed in both CSfC (NSA commercial solutions for Classified Program) and PCL.

Escalating Phone Tapping Incidences Driving Demand

According to Alex Thurber, the General Manager and SVP of Mobility Solutions at BlackBerry, call tapping is a common occurrence these days and the percentage is incrementing at an alarming rate. In this vastly interconnected world, restricting agency employees from sharing classified information to unauthorized devices is paramount, and limiting to desk phones is not a viable option. SecuSUITE will enable government to safeguard their sensitive conversations from electronic eavesdropping. The latest solution will be housed inside the premise, providing complete control to the customers, with reliability of secure calls over a carrier’s network as well as over Wi-Fi.

In the present scenario, BlackBerry offers cyber security solutions to more than 20 governments across the world, and has over 80 security certifications.

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