Blown Stretch Packaging Films Market Remains Hot through 2025, Reports TMR

The blown stretch packaging films are available in various colors, gauges and can also be utilized for numerous applications. They have a high power and provide very high puncture resistance while wrapping uneven loads or the products with sharp edges. The blown stretch packaging films are made up of beads of resins that are fed through a heated machine, having a circular die. The resin which is heated is forced through the die and later it is vertically blown inside the bubble. Prior to transforming into the rolls of a stretch film, the air bubble is cooled by the surrounding air. The cooling then helps in the solidification of the blown stretch packaging film and it is made into large rolls. The rolls resist damage if dropped or handled roughly, thus the fewer wastage results in greater savings on the cost. The cost of manufacturing of the blown stretch packaging films is more as compared to the manufacturing cost of the cast stretch packaging films.

Blown Stretch Packaging Films Market: Market Dynamics

The increasing demand for fresh food products coupled with growing need to immediately pack these products; is fueling the growth of the blown stretch packaging films market. The increasing demand for packaging materials that are antimicrobial and possess UV protection technology, is also a driving factor. The growing demand for packaging solutions with a very high puncture resistance and enhanced holding power is also a major driving factor.

However, the high initial cost of investment and manufacture is a restraining factor for the growth of the blown stretch packaging films market. Another challenging factor is the high noise created by the blown stretch packaging films while unwinding. The higher levels of cling of the blown stretch packaging films are widening the scope for the growth of its market. Cling refers to the sticking property of the film to itself. One of the prominent trends in the global blown stretch packaging films market is the combination of cast and blown type in one single film.

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The machine blown stretch packaging films are designed for the high speed and automated operations. The hand blown stretch films are designed for comparative easy application and strength. These can further be segmented into conventional and stiff blown stretch films. The specialty blown stretch packaging films are the ones that offer protection from UV radiations. They are also available in different colors to suit different requirements of the customers. The polypropylene based elastomer (PBE) blown stretch packaging films can be used immediately post production as they do not require hot boxing.

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