Brake Pad Market- Rising Trend of People to Prefer a Comfortable and Smoother Ride

Brake Pad Market: Overview

Brake pads are an integral part of the disc braking system. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake pads press against the running disc in order to stop its motion and brake the vehicle. The brake pads are essentially made of a material that possesses high co-efficient of friction. Increase in demand for efficient braking during high speeds has led to the expansion of brake pad market.

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Brake Pad Market: Drivers and Restraints

Brake pads are a wear and tear product owing to their working condition and brakes pads that have a longer life are witnessing an increase in demand. Rising trend of people to prefer a comfortable and smoother ride has led to the development of low noise brake-pads that do not make noise while turning and sudden braking. Demand for increased safety has led to the usage of materials such as fibers and ceramic in brake pads in order to allow effective and sudden braking. Ceramic brake pads are witnessing a high demand in the brake pad industry, as they are highly efficient. Ceramic brake pads contain a mesh of fine copper wires in order to increase friction and heat conductivity. Ceramic brake pads run very quietly, as compared to organic pads, and generate less dust particles during working; and thus, have a longer service life. Ceramic pads are considered to be highly reliable as they wear out slowly and are considered a good choice for commercial vehicles that run longer miles.

Ceramic pads are an expensive type of brake pad, thus restraining their demand; however, developments in technology and the rise in production are likely to reduce their price and increase their rate of adoption across the market.

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