Burning Iron to Emerge as Viable Alternative to Natural Gas

Burning Iron

The Dutch government has stipulated strict rules with regards to consumption of natural gas in Dutch industries and has even stated that natural gas consumption in industries should come to a standstill by 2022. In order to make up for the deficits that would be caused by stopping the consumption of fossil fuels in industries, a team of researchers is working towards finding viable and eco-friendly alternatives to meet the energy needs of industries. The researchers have found burning iron to be an extremely useful resort for industries that have to discontinue the usage of fossil fuels over the years to come.


Burning-iron leaves behind residues in the form of rust that can be efficiently recycled, thus, making burning iron a green source of energy. Furthermore, there are noCO2 emissions produced by burning iron, which further emphasizes on the eco-friendly appeal of this source of energy. Iron powder exhibits several unique properties and has the ability to create high temperatures through flames. Since several industries require heat or heavy temperatures for multiple applications, the utility of burning iron in the industrial sector is commendable. Moreover, the research also points to the possibility of producing electricity through the use of burning iron.


The team of researchers at Eindhoven University, known as team “SOLID”, states that the combustion of iron powder shall help in heating water, producing electricity, and running small equipments. All of the aforementioned processes are currently carried out by burning fossil fuels, and hence, the advent of burning iron shall enhance the prospects of environmental preservation.

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