Bus Rapid Transit Systems Market – Development of Infrastructure Development Drives Growth

The Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRT) is the upcoming public transportation system providing efficient, cost effective, safer and faster transport than the traditional bus service. The deployment of BRT requires up-gradation of the existing infrastructure to help improvise its functionality. In developed countries it is known as busway while in other countries it is known as quality bus.
The world’s first BRT was Rede Integrada de Transporte deployed in Brazil, 1974. The BRT has certain unique features such as dedicated roadways or right side bus way only. Certain BRT’s have onboard fare charging while others have off board, which smoothens the transportation process.
With the advent of sophisticated lifestyles in metro cities, the necessity of a cost effective and high quality transit service was recognized leading to the development of the BRT. Faster and safer means of transportation supplemented by hygienic conditions are some of the crucial factors driving the markets of BRT systems.
The development of a country is highly proportional to its infrastructure development. Thus, government of emerging economies is encouraging the implementation of the BRT systems and the trend is likely to continue over the forecast period. Policy shifts at the national level that favor sustainable urban transport is also prominent factor driving the market for BRT systems.
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The establishment of national public transportation investment programs by emerging economies represents major allocation of national funds for mass transit projects in the urban areas. Due to which, the market has observed swift expansion of metro systems and bus rapid transit (BRT) in emerging countries. Countries such as India and Chain are promoting private motorization due to which, efforts to provide high quality mass transit is a significant event to ensure high quality comfort for urban residents. Developed countries have also witnessed resurgence in the BRT systems projects.
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