Carbodeon’s Nano-diamond Coatings Boast Excellent Wear Resistance

Carbodeon’s Nano-diamond Coatings Boast Excellent Wear Resistance

Helsinki-based nano-diamond material specialist Carbodeon has developed a new electroless nickel and nano-diamond composite coating. Carbodeon added nano-diamond particles to EN-PTFE coating and in doing so it has improved the wear resistance under abrasive and adhesive conditions by nearly 85% without compromising on the release or sliding properties of the material. To gain a competitive edge, Carbodeon has patented the nano-diamond materials and their plating applications. The small and spherical nano-diamond particles easily disperse in coating liquids, subsequently carrying a positive electric charge on the surfaces. Therefore, in plating applications, these nano-diamond materials act in manner similar to the positively charges metal ions.

Improved Physical Properties to Fuel Application of Nano-diamond Coatings

Besides abrasive and resistance wear, the material boasts a Taber Wear Index nearly 30% better than the equivalent categories of EN-PTFE coatings. In addition, the coefficient of friction is nearly as good as the existing EN-PTFE systems, which is less than 0.2, when compared to its steel counterparts. It is important to note here that the process does not involve hexavalent chromium, thus affirming its environment-friendliness. On back of this it does not faces any stringent regulations. Low diamond content has made these coatings easy to apply and pocket-friendly.

Some of the leading target applications of nano-diamond coatings include automotive components covering engine and chassis parts and body mechanisms. Besides this, the application of the new coating is likely to increase in plastic injection mold, especially those with complex structures and moving slides and cores.

The nano-diamond coatings are derived from a combination of nickel, PTFE, and nano-diamond and these are intended at improving customer application across diverse requirements. Nano-diamond coatings are therefore resistant to multiple wear and tear, while keeping the release and friction properties low.

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