Objects Invisible

Making objects invisible has always existed as a fantasy-based scenario. However, a recent research performed by UEx has thrown light onto the possibility of making certain materials by utilizing their electromagnetic properties. Key Insights Into the UEx Research Work With invisibility gaining a lot of research interest, the work undertaken by UEx promises is a key addition in this obscure domain. This research was published in Scientific Reports by the


A new study suggests that glucose-powered biofuel cells could help power implantable medical devices. This research was carried out by researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology in collaboration with Korea University. Pacemakers and other sensor components are prime examples of such implantable devices that can be powered with cotton fibers. More Details About the New Biofuel Powered Medical Implants Researchers from the institutions made use of electrodes derived from cotton


Facebook has made an appeal a fine of around £500,000 ($639,255.40) from the U.K.’s privacy watchdog, who has made a claim that the company has failed in the protection of the privacy of at least one million users in the U.K., states the Financial Times. The appeal that has been made by Facebook is stated on the fact that the office of the Information Commissioner in the U.K. has discovered

Breast Cancer

A research team from University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center has successfully made use of a computer to accurately analyze and classify a breast cancer tumor from images using machine learning techniques. More Insights Into the Breast Cancer Identification Study The team used technologies that are similar to the ones used in smartphones and other smart devices that enable speech and facial recognition features. The tumor was classified

Smart Material

Researchers from the Brown University have discovered a way by which graphene oxide (GO) can be used to add strength to hydrogel materials that are made from alginate, thereby giving rise to a new smart material. More Insights Into the Smart Material Research Alginate is a natural material that is derived from seaweed, and is currently used in a variety of biomedical applications. The recently undertaken research at the Brown