An active YouTube user? Then, you are most likely to mirror the emotions of the YouTubers you follow. A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science has revealed this trend. Not just that, you are also bound to mingle with the crowd that reflects similar ideas. Correlation between the YouTuber and Audience’s Emotions The phenomenon of being influenced by other’s emotions is called as “contagion”. “Homophily” is

Embedded Memory

A research team from the Tohoku University led by Professor Tetsuo Endoh has developed advanced spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory – 128Mb-density STT_MRAM.  The writing speed used in embedded memory application in AI and IOT will reach to 14 ns.  It is the quickest write speed for embedded memory application in the world. This development will help in making mass-production of large volume STT-MRAM with a density above 100Mb.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute and the Institute of Cancer Research found a drug class for lung cancer treatment.  This research was conducted on mice where they found lung tumor shrunk considerably when a certain protein (p110α) was blocked. The lung tumor caused due to mutation of a gene known as EGFR. The research was published in Cell Reports. The results are profound, as a drugs class, which is


Scientists warn us about the atrocities we have implied upon nature in order to suffice our selfish needs. There is a possibility that soon there will be scarcity of pure air and water in order to breathe and survive. Therefore researchers are looking for various ways and means to avoid such calamities. They are focusing on natural resources that are present in abundance and can be converted into survival prospect.

Seawater Algae

The seven wonders of the water-world is still a fresh news for many. But not the scientific inventions that are recently listed in creating something out of nothing. The scientists at the Tel Aviv University have stated their recent research on seawater algae. They are working on microorganisms that feed on seawater algae of which a new biodegradable plastic could be made. With new processes, they are creating plastic that