Shanghai Is an Emerging 5G Giant Thanks to its Solid Infrastructure

Cellular technology has rapidly evolved from 2G network to a lightning fast 5G network. It has download speeds 10 to 100 times faster than the 4G network. Additionally, it delivers 1000 times the data delivered by the current networks. 5G network is yet to enter the mainstream market as there are hardly any 5G base stations. However, Shanghai claims to be the first district with both 5G network coverage and

New Smart Home System offers Energy-efficiency with Aesthetics

With the advent of smart devices and smart textiles has emerged the concept of smart home technology. It allows homeowners to monitor and control appliances and systems such as lighting on a networked device. Further, the smart home ecosystem is energy efficient and offers owners a sense of security and comfort. Although security and comfort take precedence over everything, we cannot deny the need for a great design and aesthetics.

artificial intelligence

Advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to development of machines and systems that supersede human brains. It has opened new doors for data management and analysis with the help of precise statistical data. Researchers are now working on diversifying the applications of AI. The healthcare industry serves as major platform for the adoption and development of AI. However, collecting and analyzing extensive amount of patient data is a challenge

Low Temperature Chemical Conversion

The field of chemistry has seen a great deal of advancements owing to perpetual research and development activities. Scientists have always emphasized on speeding up chemical reactions to get optimal results. However, there are several bottlenecks in driving a chemical conversion process at low temperature. The generation of carbon dioxide in these chemical reactions is one of the major issues. The researchers from U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National

Nuclear Physics

Researchers have been emphasizing on nuclear symmetry as it is one of the most important parameters in nuclear physics. Working on the same phenomena, researchers in Washington University in St. Louis discovered a novel form of oxygen. This newly discovered element was termed as “featherweight oxygen” as it is the lightest version of oxygen. Oxygen-11 has only 3 neutrons to its protons and it deteriorates right after its formation. Scientists