Alcon Inks Deal to Outsource Marketing of Advance Braking Solutions

Alcon Components Ltd, a U.K. based prominent provider of braking solutions to the motorsport industry, in May, 2017 announced that it has inked a contract with an emerging marketing agency, Chamois Consulting Ltd., for outsourced marketing and communication service. Chamois is based in South West England and will help Alcon to strengthen its presence in the defense sector. Alcon has already established a robust foundation in the sector with its

Technology being Developed to Save Water Systems during Tremors

The development of technology is underway to save community water systems at the time of a big earthquake. The technology is being developed by a Bothell-based engineering company that has worked with public water utility companies for 37 years in Oregon and Washington in the U.S. The current technology involves shutting off valves attached to earthquake sensors and take from twenty to forty five seconds to close when the sensor

WannaCry’s Fortuitous Fallout: Sudden Surge in Cyber Security Stocks

Pegged as the atom bomb of cybercrimes, the WannaCry ransomware hack locked systems real fast with a pop-up asking users to shell out US$300 to be able to access those again. From the UK National Health Service (NHS) to Spanish telco Telefónica, FedEx, and the Russian Interior Ministry, the malware spread to systems of various organizations across 150 countries in no time bringing crucial infrastructure and organizations down to their

Delphi Joins BMW, Intel, and Mobileye Autonomous Driving Platform Team

BMW, Intel, and Mobileye have a new partner in place to bolster their group effort to develop an autonomous driving platform. Having spun out from General Motors (GM) in 1999, Delphi will be working on a significantly automated driving software and sensor fusion along with Intel and Mobileye. The autonomous driving platform will be brought into production by 2021 set as a target year by the BMW, Intel, and Mobileye

MIT Researchers Develop New Energy-efficient Method to Purify Water

Water is essential for life, but with escalating pollution levels and growing population, providing clean drinking water to the masses is turning into a glaring issue. There, indeed, are effective methods to clean the water before consumption but these conventional methods are energy- and chemical-intensive. Now, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new method to remove not only the micropollutants such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals