Uber’s Licensed Taxi Services Hit Myanmar Roads

Myanmar finally gets its slice of the Uber pie, as the company announces the rollout of its licensed taxi services after nearly a month of making their expansion plans public. The country of 50 mn people holds a highly promising market for internet based services due to a booming adoption of smartphones and other internet devices. Uber Gaining the Upper Hand Many tech firms are eyeing Myanmar along with other

Organizations Brace for Second Wave after First WannaCry Cyber-attack

As the world gets ready to start the new working week on Monday, governments and enterprises are putting their guards on for the second round of cyber-attacks. The first round of attack by a ransomware program called WannaCry caused an alarming level of disruption on last Friday. On Sunday, Europol, the pan-EU crime-fighting agency, stated that the first wave of cyber-attack has hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries so far.

Nanotechnology can add Durability and Rust Resistance to Metals

Durability, color fading, rust, and damage due to UV radiation have consistently posed challenges for product manufacturers of various sectors including fibers and automotive but now, researchers at the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan may have found a long-term solution. Polymer chemists at the Japanese institute have invented a unique and yet simple process that involves nanotechnology and non-ionic polymers to color metals, which leads to enhanced performance, is

Robots can now Feel with 3D-printed ‘Bionic Skin’

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have engineered a stretchable 3D printing electronic sensory device, which can potentially armor robots with the ability to feel the environment they are in, and may even go on to help in printing electronics on human skin. From healthcare to wearables to energy, this bionic skin can be revolutionary for several applications. If that is not all, unlike most discoveries wherein the concept needs

Nova Lifestyle Latest Enterprise to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Nova Lifestyle announced on Thursday its plans to integrate blockchain technology to improve its brand image and business. The move comes with the aim of giving the US-based lifestyle products and services brand a chance to revamp its traditional furniture business. By leveraging this technology, the enterprise will be able to develop a platform that lets it sell other products and services as well. The recently launched nova-mart.com is Nova