Plant-based Beverages to be New Investment Project for Dean Foods

Dean Foods, a leading food and beverages company in the U.S. currently made a minority agreement with Good Karma Foods and invested in their plant-based food and beverages project. The agreement is distribution based and is also focused towards achieving a mass growth for the products in this line as well as the two companies in this venture. Good Karma Foods is known for manufacturing flaxseed-based milk alternatives in formats

BASF to Collaborate with HP Indigo for New Water-based Adhesive Solution

BASF, the global chemical giant, is known to have entered into a strategic partnership with HP Indigo, a game changer in digital package printing, to work on a new development. It centers on the formulation of a new waterborne adhesive for packaging that is flexible. It would be designed to cater mainly to the unique needs of the HP Indigo “Electroink” printing process, an exceptionally flexible and speedy digital printing