Chemical Energy Could Make the World More Sustainable


Chemical energy is capable of offering a more sustainable world, believes James McKone, at chemical engineering department of University of Pittsburgh. Believing in this strongly, the researcher is exploring ways for chemical industry to make use of renewable electricity.

Renewable Electricity Used as Primary Energy Source in this Research

Dr. Steven Little, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Swanson School, said that his work confirms a fact already known. Lab work of Professor McKone is potent to impacting future course of storage of energy storage discoveries.

The paper by Professor McKone is titled “Comparisons of WO3 reduction to HxWO3 under thermochemical and electrochemical control”. Additionally, it documents analysis and experiments conducted by a doctoral student in the lab of Professor McKone, Evan V. Miu. For research, both researches carried out groundwork in completely different scope to utilize renewable electricity. As such, they have utilized it as the main energy source for the purpose of industrial hydrogenation reactions. Moreover, this factor plays an extremely significant role in the manufacturing of fertilizer and fuel.

Furthermore, with the spiraling growth of electric vehicle (EV) industry, renewable electricity can substitute fossil fuel for transportation. Nonetheless, the industrial sector too makes use of fossil fuels quite a lot. This study is trying to figure out new methods to convert natural resources like water, air and wind to quite a few chemicals and fuels of daily use.

Professor McKone is one of the recipients of Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. Oak Ridge Associated Universities confers this award. Additionally, this award was given to him in support of his project that was aimed at making the redox flow batteries more efficient.

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