China and Brazil Join Hands to Develop Renewable Energy Technology


Natural energy resources are depleting. Add pollution caused by fossil fuel to it, and humanity has a concern that needs to be addressed immediately. Renewable energies such as wind, solar, and hydropower solve both the issues, but the mountainous cost structure associated with clean energy is hindering the widespread adoption. In this scenario, governments of developed and emerging economies have to make the effort to develop renewable energy resources and China is among the leaders in the field of photovoltaic technology.

Now, Brazil has announced their association with China in order to share latest technological progress. While Brazil is offering its expertise in large-scale hydroelectric and ultra-high-voltage transmission lines to large land mass of China, while World’s largest population will share their power electronics technology.

Brazil Has Unlimited Potential

Natural resources are essential for the development of renewable energy and Brazil has abundance of the same. With one of the best energy supply network, Brazil has shown its ability to promote its wind energy industry and even the solar energy market is flourishing in the country. With China’s inputs, Brazil is aiming to tactically shift the energy burden on renewable resources, although intermittence of sunlight and wind often disrupts the supply. This is where China’s technology in power electronics will help in controlling the variability. Large coal reserves in Brazil is another avenue that is expected to be exploited with this collaboration.

A Natural Progression among BRICS Members

China and Brazil have had a rich history of trade and economic exchanges, and this bilateral cooperation for renewable energy will only strengthen the partnership between the two emerging economies. The collaboration includes the research of China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS).

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