Clean Energy Stocks on the Rise

Clean Energy Stocks on the Rise

Ten of the leading clean energy stocks have come in for their earnings in the first quarter of the current financial year. Most of the surprises being made in the stock reports have so far been favorable to the clean energy industry.

Model Portfolio on Upswing

According to a model portfolio created by Tom Konrad, the top ten clean energy stocks showed an overall upswing of 13.8 percent at the end of May, 2017. This value is 2 percent higher than the previously recorded benchmark. The benchmark itself is a mix of the clean energy growth benchmark and the clean energy income benchmark on a 20/80 ratio. This ratio is made to match the growth in stocks and the income in the model portfolio.

Eight of the ten income stocks have yet again shown a significant lead, with a 15.2 percent in average overall return, for the current year till date. The Green Equity Income Portfolio, one of the green focused strategies being managed by the author, shot up 13.5 percent, compared to the steady 11.4 percent return produced by the YLCO income benchmark.

Calm Stock Market in U.S. Amid Volatile Times

The overall economic and political scenario across the world remains highly volatile. However, the current situation in the U.S. stock market has so far shown moderate immunity to this. While the future still remains as unpredictable as always, defensive investments are possibly one of the best places to place one’s money. These include cash, income stocks with appealing values, and home solar and other real income investments.

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