Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Perceived to be Significant for Revenue Earnings

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Perceived to be Significant for Revenue Earnings

In a series of transformations from the Coca Cola Company, Coke Zero gets a makeover as Coke Zero Sugar. While the roll out of Coke Zero Sugar in the U.S. is perceived to be successful, some other transformations from the company could have an impact on earnings. The product is expected to be rolled out in the U.S. in August. The product has already registered double-digit growth in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa, and executives are confident about the response it will receive in the U.S.

Coke Zero Sugar to Boost Company’s Zero-calorie Portfolio

As commented by the Chief Executive of the company, the revenue growth has leapfrogged because of no-sugar options, within sparkling soft drinks category. This is because of attempts to perfect recipes, expand availability, and support for enhanced execution provided with the right level of marketing support. These attributes of Coke Zero Sugar are expected the product to account to be an important part of the company’s portfolio.

Specifically, as commented by the Chief Executive, this will help the expansion of the company’s zero-calorie portfolio as tastes of individuals change and tackling obesity remains a key consideration among consumers.

The successful roll out of Coke Zero Sugar globally has already proven Coca-Cola’s ability to support top-line growth being innovative. As per market analyst, the replacement of Coke Zero by Coca- Cola Zero Sugar is a vital example of successful ‘lift and shift’ strategy that inadvertently addresses two chief issues: potential sugar taxes and ‘diet downturn’ that is leading consumers to purchase healthy drinks in place of traditional carbonated drinks.

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