Coffee Frac Pack Market By Technology, By Application & By End User Industry

Coffee frac pack or fractional packs are simply filter packs consisting pre – measured amount of coffee. Coffee frac pack keeps coffee fresh for long duration and has direct influence on its taste. To prepare a pot of coffee, one pops a coffee frac pack into the coffee machine and a perfect pot is brewed every time. These coffee frac packs are made up of films which are available with easy peel and matte finish. The coffee frac pack films are made up of high barrier material which gives excellent aroma barriers and also increases shelf life of coffee and protects it from moisture.

Every coffee producing company needs to distinguish themselves from competitors and packaging of coffee frac pack in different size and colors helps to achieve it. The coffee packaging in coffee frac pack is conducted in a modified and conditioned environment as coffee is extremely sensitive to exposure to environmental odour, light and air. Coffee frac pack offers a fresh brew every time with preserving flavors and fragrance. Coffee frac pack has tear notch at the top which helps to rip top of sealed pack. On the basis of distribution channel the coffee frac pack market is classified into institutional sales and retail sales. In addition these coffee frac pack are ideal for institutional environment.

Coffee frac pack market – Dynamic:

Due to changing lifestyles, consumers are demanding for more conventional packaging and coffee frac pack is one of them. Coffee frac-packs are more convenient than larger packs as coffee frac pack holds enough for a single-serve pot of coffee. As fragrance and flavor of coffee is essential, coffee frac pack has the advantage of gas flushing for freshness. Due to fast pace of life, consumers need to have a product which they can consume on -the- go. Some advantages of coffee frac pack are easy handling, easy changeovers and its minimum maintenance which boost the coffee frac pack market.

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In addition, coffee frac pack are biodegradable hence is another advantage for coffee frac pack market. For bulk sale purposes, coffee frac pack are packed bag-in-bag into bigger package. Coffee frac pack are more preferred over glass or plastic coffee bottle. Growth in coffee frac pack seems to be accelerating in corporate.

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