Cognitive Impairment through Alzheimer? High Salt Diet is the Culprit!

High Salt Diet

Salt can lead to nitric oxide deficiency and that has the potential to disrupt cognitive functions in a big way. Mainly, it is because the compound nitric oxide is critical for good vascular health, particularly in the brain.

High Salt Diet and Dementia– Understanding Crimes, Culprit and Cases


According to researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, low levels of the compound lead too chemical changes. And, these changes occur in a protein called Tau in the brain. And thus, dementia happens. As, it is accumulation of Tau that brings about Alzheimer.

Noteworthy here is that the study used mice as subject. And, it is part of the journal Nature. And, it was seen that high salt diet leads to dementia in the subject. As a consequence, these mice could hardly perform everyday activity like preparing nests. And, they could not pass any of the tests which were related to memory.

Moreover, researchers saw the small intestine was producing interleukin-17 (IL-17). And, the molecule is infamous for triggering inflammation as an immune response.

So, the game plan for researchers was to identify the sequence of events beginning from consumption of salt to dementia. And, researchers found that it was critical to maintain good health of blood vessels by keeping salt intake low. That, they state, is what helps staving off dementia.

Summary of Findings as per Research Study:


As per Dr. Giuseppe Faraco, lead author of the study, research provides evidence to link between diets and cognitive abilities. And, it further outlines the mechanism that salt uses in the chain of events. Dr. Faraco is also an assistant professor of research, in Neuroscience, at Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute.

Besides, it looks like the study is a build-up on Dr. Faraco’s research. The journal Nature Neuroscience science carried the details in it last year.

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